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Hike Tiger Leaping Gorge Near Lijiang , from 12th to 13th , Mar.,2006 and 19th to 20th of 2011

Tiger Leaping Gorge is a steep gorge on Jinsha River.Its length is about 20 KM and starts from Tiger Leaping Gorge Town.Both side of gorge is high snow mountain, one is Jade Dragon(Yulong) Snow Mountain, the other one is Haba Snow Mountain.

June of 2011, I have been Tiger Leaping Gorge again. It does not change so much. This time, I stayed at Tea Horse Guesthouse, I feel better, because the nice view of Jade Dragon(Yulong) Snow Mountain.I have good food and nice sleep as well.

snow moutain

About 9 a.m., on 12th morning, my friend and I took one bus from Lijiang to Zhongdian and spent 2 hours to reach Qiaotou in Tiger Leaping Gorge Town.when we got off the bus, one driver immiddiately come to us and asked "are you going to Tiger Leaping Gorge, i can give you discount ticket." We heard the entrance fee is 50 yuan per person, so we willing to accept his discount ticket.At last, we got the discount ticket.It is 25 yuan per person.The driver pick us up to entrance of high road. It is path lead to up, beside there is a stone with red sign.Then we started our trek.

Begining, the road is big mud road, then is path.on the way we came across an old Naxi women and saw many Naxi house built with mud and rock.the house looks really old and nice.
For us, this time is fist time came to the gorge. we a little worry about going a wrong way, but latter we find it is impossible.because almost every acrossing there is English note to show the way, or just follow the red arrow is ok. some time the path is really long and steep, especially at 28 bends.
Before the 28 bends, these is a Naxi village, in the village there is a Lu Ye Guest House offer food and accommadation, all are cheep and good.we had meat with noodle.The women host is really friendly.
After climbing up to 28 bends, we reach the good place to see uper of Tiger Leaping Gorge.There is a down path beside the hut, follow the path we can see one very steep gorge. the wind is very big, we very carefully, worry about fall down by wind.A old local women told us, this path was built by themselves , she want to charge some money from us, but we only bought some orange from her busket.
After 28 bends, the path become easy and a little down , but today is not good is begin to rain. with the wind and rain, we felt a little bit of cold.but the view is really nice, we don't have the time to worry about the rain and really enjoy the nice view.
Maybe, this is one kind of lotus, i am not sure.we found it in a village.It looks nice, beacause now tempriture is low, when you look up the top of mountain, everywhere is snow.well this flower is bloosoming happily .After 1.5 hours, we get to Half Way Guest House.It is a big and nice woody guest house.There are some rooms window facing Jade Dragon Snow Mountains.40 yuan per double room.Food is also nice and good tast.But this time, at night the wind is more strong, so we felt cold, because the wind can come into the room through the crevice of wood.
2th day, we got up early and set off at 9 a.m., beacause we worry about whether we can take the bus to Lijiang on time.
In fact , this time , in 2th day there are not so many things to see.But we are lucky, at last , we came across a big waterfall.The waterfall come from a cave on the top of mountain, fall down very fast.well the map show us many waterfall, but now almost no water. i think in summer time, should there are more waterfalls, beacause the snow is smelt in that time.
Before 12 a.m., we already went down to the concret road.Fortunately, we did not wait for a long time for a mid-bus passed there and went to Lijang.

Hiking Tiger Leaping Gorge Map
Other attraction in Lijiang
Even the old town in Lijiang is very commercial , but its old narrow streets with marble is still famous and popular.Many chniese and foriegner tourist come to here.If you want to watch whole old town, Looking at the past Pavilion(Wan Gu Lou)is good place . Entrance fee is15 yuan.From there you can see Jade Dragon Snow Mountains, Mu Family Mansion and overall old town.some time, at Si Fang Jie, local people still enjoy their Naxi dancing around a fire at night.
For the Naxi people, they still play old Naxi music .In a square , we came across a music group playing Naxi music.They from a Naxi village, the member's age from 10 to 65 years old, almost from a same family. Even they can not play many melody and you can not understand Naxi language, but you can feel it is nice and they so enjoy their own melody and song .If you like ,you can give little money to surport their job.For most people , it is free . they do not ask money.
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