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Hike Haba Snow moutains from 21th to 25th of 2011

hike snow moutains

Haba Snow Moutain is 5396 meters above sea level in Shangri-La. "Haba" means golden flower in Naxi language. It is pure and beautiful snow moutain.

From 21th to 25th of 2011, I had a opportunity to do a hiking tour of Haba Snow Moutain with my friends Edward, Miss Yang and Paul. This was a great tour to see waterfalls , lakes , flowers and snow mountains. I can not imagine what I saw on the way. Everthing I saw made me feeled I was walking in a picture of my dream of heaven.Even I took the photos with my poor mobile phone's camera, the pictures are still very nice.

horse porter

the cows ate grass freely.

walked through the forest to the grassland


The first day, because we were going to camp on grassland for 4 nights, so we hired 3 horses and 2 guides to carry our luggages and food. We walked for 6 hours to a nice lake where there are many azaleas and yaks on mountains and grassland. I have to say here is a piece of pure land without noice and pollution , far away from the city.
nice lake

camp base
We stayed 2 nights by the beautiful lake.

The 2nd day, because light rain in the morning. We stayed at camp base warmed ourselves by the fire. Sometime , we played Taiji kung fu and Yoga or reading a book. At noon time, the sun came out. All of us are happy and went to the mountains to walk around , saw more lakes and nice views.


lake and flower
In the area of low elevation, azalea already withered away, but in here , azalea flowering everthwhere.

blue lake
There are many clown frogfish are living in this lake. Local people call them "Snow Fish", because they can live in a very cold water.

blue lake

climbing moutains
A nice day for climbing mountains

We were walking on a top of hill to enjoy the landscape around of us.


grassland and mountains


on the way i saw so many flowers, i like them very much, because they have so nice clolor.

pink azalea

pink flower

a piece of flower

white azalea
white azalea

The 3rd day, we walked along the lake to the 2nd camp base. flowers and lakes always go with us, I feel I was in the nuture.

In the morning, the lake was so peaceful...

peace lake

horse porter

nice camp base
We arrived the 2nd camp base below the Haba Snow Mountain, stayed 2 nights here. There are two waterfalls here. One of them is snow waterfall, because at night it was frozen possibly.

snow waterfall

The 4th day, It was a hard day. We need wake up very early and climb up to the top of Haba Snow Mountains.I know it was not easy to do it. It was my first time to top so high snow mountain without any training of walking on ice. But I believed if I keep go up step by step, i will reach the top finally.

sun raise
When the sun was raising, we were hiking on a high position of the snow mountain.

snow line
Here was where we changed crampons, the hardest walking started from here. I need have a short break every 10 steps.

All of us reached the top of snow mountain. It was a hard job , but all the people were very happy.We spent about 4 hours and 50 minutes to arrive the top.
happy on the top of snow mountain This is the best photo from Edward.I have to say all people did a great job and the small dog of the local guide is the champion of this climbing. Thanks for Edward's company Edward Adventures offered this great tour.

The 5th day, we went down the mountain.We had a sunny day. When I wake up I saw the nice sun-raise.
sun raise

sun raise

wooden house
We survived on the Haba Snow Mountain. :) Trekking itinerary of this great trekking&hiking