Trekking Yunnan, enjoy lovely minority people life, see villages with tea, pineapple, rubber plantations ......

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When I pass Kunming, I like to walk in West Hill Park. I have been the park many times, I like the pine tree forest, Buddhism temples and Dianchi Lake. For the big city Kunming , it is really a good place for walking and climbing.

West Hills is located in the western suburbs of Kunming, the west bank of Dianchi Lake, 15 kilometers away from city center, The mountains stretches for 35 kilometers.The highest Lohan peak elevation of 2511 meters.

Kunming Taihua Temple
Taihua Temple was built in the Yuan Dynasty

top of west hill
The top of Kunming west hills

Dianchi Lake
The top is a good place to see Dianchi Lake

Dianchi Lake

taoism temple
Taoism rock cave but also Buddism and Confucianism things in the cave
On the west hill you can see Buddhism temple , Taoism temple and Confucianism live together in harmony.

dragon gate
Dragon gate is the largest and most beautiful caves of Taoism in Yunnan.
More than 70 households masonry, took 22 years to complete this rock cave by hand.

rock cave

rock cave

rock cave