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Hike Cang Snow Mountain In Dali (on 9th, Mar.,2006)

Cang Snow Mountain is very near the Dali old city and so high .At anywhere in the old city, it is very easy to see it. Its height is more than 4,000 meters elevation. From the foot to the top , grows many pine tree and all kinds of flower. On the top, there is snow all through the year.

My friend and I with 4 foreigner did one day hiking on Cang Mountain,on 9th, Mar.,2006.It is not very difficult for young people, but it is a long way and the strong wind on the top is really cold. It is better to wear a sunglass prevent from strong sunlight.It is lucky, that day is sunny.We only take one T-short and one coat.

We got a free Map from Highland Inn. follow the concret road(Yu Dai Lu), walked for half an hour, then found a pine tree with red painting sign beside the path lead to mountains.It is easy, just went up in pine trees woods.on the way, see many pine nut and flower.
They are so lovely.When I saw them, I felt that the Spring is very near and almost forgot the cold wind , strong sunlight , steep path.It is so defferent in the middle on mountain and on the top of mountain.Here is green pine tree and colorful flower, but on the top of mountain, seems no tree and grass, except white snow, here and there.
On the half way, we have a break at a pavilion. Here the wind become more strong. if we seat in shadow, we really felt cold. So we all find a place under sun to seat and have some food.Because we imagined the tempreture on the top must be very low, so we should eat lunch here.After lunch, we continue to climb the mountain. The path is more and more steep, and snow is more and more thick. I found my hiking shose is not enough high, so sometime snow drop into the shose, made the shoes become wet. That was not a good news, but i need keep walking. otherwise the foot will feel more cold.
After about 2.5 hours , we felt more tired and saw many old pine tree strongly grow there , they have thick bark and many green moss grow on the bark. It is like a nature cloth to prevent from cold.At that time, we walking in the woods and can not see the top.It seems the way could not be end, but we know that although the mountain is so high, but distance is limit. If we keep walking, anyway we can get to the top.
After walking out of the woods, the way temperaly flat and we can see the top very clear. On the top there is a concret house with a TV station. That is our hope and goal.When we got to the top, we felt so happy, even the wind so strong and cold. From the top almost can see the whole Ear-Shaped Lake(Erhai Hu), Three pagodas(San Ta Si).
When I am watching the Ear-Shaped Lake, a little animal attract my attention. It is a weasel and looking for food.It is unbilievable, It appear at that time.Maybe it don't care our coming.
After a break, we have to continue to find the way went down the mountain.We worry about whether we have enough time to find the right way. We are lucky, because we can follow the foot print other people left and concret road sign. When we went down we often skate and not walk, because the path is narrow and steep, we can not stop.We went very fast. About 3 hours, we got to the Highland Inn. Our shoes is totally wet and our leg is so tired , but we felt happy , we did one day hiking Cang Snow Mountain with nice view.
Other attraction stay on Cang Mountain
If you can stay on Cang Mountain, in a sunny day's morning, you can watch the sun raising and the reflected light from Ear-Shaped Lake ,is beautiful. It is also a good choice to walk along Yu Dai Road and see village and Dali old city aroud the Lake.
If you like squirrel, you can watch them eating the pine nut on the pine tree , at morning. Them really looks lovely.
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Hiking Cang Mountains Map
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